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calligraphy class

doing a calligraphy class had been on my plans (and list) for ages. i’ve always been attracted to nice penmanship, so it seemed like the next logical step. last week, i found one class by accident through gidsy and enlisted right at the last minute.

the class was great, and we learnt how to draw most letters of lowercase english copperplate script. it’s a relatively simple script, but hard work nonetheless! by the end of it, my hand was hurting from all the tension i was putting on my nib, but i felt like we were all more confident and ready to start practising on our own. i certainly intend to! :)

vale+ amor

 vale+ amor
i got a present on my birthday which made me go awwww… it was so simple, yet so sweet. it’s called vale+ amor, and it’s a book of vouchers, for me to use whenever i want…
… an unforgettable dinner…
… a weekend without schedules…
… or whatever love wants today :)

there are 10 different coupons, all brilliantly illustrated, ready to turn any day into a great one. isn’t it the sweetest thing?


the world needs more of this.

buy a dr. seuss book

one of the items on my 101 things in 1001 days list was to buy a dr. seuss book, inspired by isabel’s list. having heard so much about dr. seuss, it just made sense!
but i didn’t want to just buy the book online… so i waited until i found it somewhere, to have a story to go with it. and then came august and we saw it, sitting pretty on a shelf of st. george’s bookshop. :) incidentally, st. george’s weaved itself into our hearts, and these days, if the boy is searching for something new to read, we’ll take the trip there and stock on books. i’m very much still in love with my kindle, so my only temptation are books with graphics or pretty photos. or dr. seuss.
try to say all that fast. it’s tricky, sir! :)

hoorray for korean stationery!

i think i might be developing a real obsession here… but how can one resist so much cuteness?

koren stationery

the whole lot in the first picture was a huge gift from a dear friend, and the irresistible vampire letter set + card + pen combo is from :)