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one seconday everyday — november 2016

races, time with friends, the websummit in lisbon, the debut of both a semi-responsive layout and our fireplace, and tons of christmas postcards… this was our november — how was yours?

one second everyday — september 2016

keeping up with the tradition of exciting septembers past, this one was no disappointment!

there was time with the family and friends, updates to Postcrossing, races and kittens… but the highlight of the month was definitely a much-awaited visit to slovenia, in which we went back to all our favourite places and filled our souls with greenness. i’m convinced there’s no place quite like it in the world. :)

one second everyday — march 2016

here’s a very, very late march:

the first half of march was spent at home, or catching up with friends… and the second was all about iceland! :)

ana vs. cataplana

makes me laugh every time! hugs to our friend A, who caught this gem on her phone over dinner. :)

one second every day – september 2014

i’m posting this way too late, but here it is:

we cuddled small babies, went to prague for the first time, starred on a mini-documentary, ate tons of soup, cheered the marathoners… september was swell!