analogue wednesday #166

flowery bits from R4R-78, in which chris and i collaborated (via roll4roll).


we went wild camping in italy, and thus scratched another item off the list!

our friends are camping aficionados and had all the gear to accommodate us newbies. i confess i didn’t get much sleep, but the whole experience more than made up for it. we pitched the tents, collected wood and made a fire, and then cooked dinner on it, including a brilliant recipe of chocolate-stuffed banana! :D

the fire was so hypnotic… we looked a bit like zombies, spacing out with the flames dancing in our eyes.

and then in the morning, we woke up to this view and the autumn leaves falling all around us.

in the end, i’m not sure camping is for us, but i really enjoyed this light version of it, probably because the place was so peaceful and scenic. maybe next time we’ll pick a more level place to put our tent! :D


taralli was one of the best discoveries of our latest trip to italy. they are southern snacks and the version we tried was both salty and spicy, as well as extra crunchy from all the almonds in it. they look somewhat soft in the photos, but they’re actually quite hard and break into pieces when you bite into them.

it was delicious, and i wish we had the forethought to bring back a couple extra bags because the one we got was finished way too quickly… :( i shall be thinking of these rings of deliciousness until our next visit!

catching up with autumn

the alps are beautiful this time of the year, crisp days of golden, red and green, that are perfect for long hikes and taking in the fresh air before the snow starts. every time we come to this part of europe, a little piece of us returns home.

analogue wednesday #165

the bridges over susquehanna river in pennsylvania, mixed with bits and pieces from azores on R4R-78.