2020, one second everyday

oh, 2020… where do we even start?

as the pandemic started in europe, we cancelled all the trips and focused our energy into launching the new forum and the world postcard day, as well as keeping up with postal suspensions all around the world, saving the holidays (and our plans to visit taiwan) for a better year. we went north a few times to check on the family and stock their pantry. i finally got serious about studying chinese and did the HSK4, over 10 years after the first one. we walked, hiked and drove a motorhome. we didn’t see as many people as we would in a normal year, but there were still boardgame nights, and many video dinners with friends. my hair got short and red. we had guests (and dogs!) for the summer, and they got us into birdwatching. the garden bloomed and gave fruits, the succulent collection grew and we switched to eating mostly veggies… so much happened, and it makes me thankful that despite all the worry and distress, 2020 was still a good year for us — a much quieter year, in which we saw less but got more done. maybe we needed that.

may 2021 bring good things too!

one second everyday — december 2020

december had so much food, walking and birdwatching! i finally did the hsk4 exam and despite some technical hiccups, i think it was probably enough to pass. we drove north to be with our respective families, spending christmas apart for the first time, which was a little bittersweet, but safer. and as a final coup de grâce on this weird year, we managed to lock ourselves out of the house on the last day of the year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well.

analogue wednesday #245

wishing you all a happy new year ahead!

analogue wednesday #244

very lightly double-exposed frames from from R4R-73, mostly by me with some shades from gianni. sometimes the portuguese sun is just too strong, and nothing else shines through. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

orbea variegata

spotted these pretty flowers in a neighbour garden, and aren’t they a thing of beauty?

they’re orbea variegata, also known as star flowers. it’s a succulent with cactus-like “leaves”, but the flowers were what drew me to them — they grow around the edges of the plant in the winter rainfall season, and are just striking.

i’ve recently gotten my hands on a few specimens to plant in the garden, for further investigation… :P