the crookes radiometer

have you ever heard of a crookes radiometer? it’s a little gimmick, a glass campanula with a sort of windmill inside… except, it has no batteries at all and it’s not the wind making it go, it’s the sun!

there’s not much to it: four very lightweight panels resting on a pin, inside a glass bubble with gas at a specific pressure. one side of the panels is coated in black. as it heats up with the sun, it creates some temperature differential in the gas which makes the whole thing spin. the more the sun shines on it, the faster it goes! (here’s a more scientific explanation)

pretty neat, right? we have one sitting in a table that gets sunlight throughout the day, and don’t seem to get tired of seeing it spin. it definitely feels like magic! :)

analogue wednesday #257

missing this, just sitting in a café and watching the world go by without care.

weeknotes 13/21

nice things this week:

– sending folares to family and seeing everyone else at the post office looking for boxes to do the same! my family was never really big on the traditional easter sweet bread, but the one from olhão is so good that we just feel compelled to share.

– this stop motion lego chocolate cake!

– watched beau miles’s long walk to work, and pondered about all the adventures we could do more locally. restrictions are lifting a little bit next week, and i look forward to hiking again.

mike lowery drawing prompts & james richards urban sketching class have kept me entertained this week. i’ve also been listening to julia cameron’s the artist’s way and dutifully filling up my morning pages. i’m not much of an artist, but i still like the meditative aspect of it, and the really looking closely and paying attention. we’ll see what happens!

– for the past 2 days, we’ve woken up extra early and walked to the ria to watch the sunrise. only us and the birds are awake, and it’s kind of magical.

march 2021 — one second everyday

spring flowers, bread-making experiments, walking and cycling around the ria, birdwatching and zooming with friends. looking forward to the lifting of some of the lockdown restrictions, to seeing people in real life and to long hikes! :D

analogue wednesday #256

missing asia like a phantom limb. :( i wonder how we’ll see it one day, when we go back.