analogue wednesday #182

sometimes the results of these film swaps are so random, i can’t even make out what they are supposed to be. :)

from R4R-42, double-exposed in collaboration with chris.

analogue wednesday #181

bits of america peeking through these thai bikes. R4R-42 was a double-exposed collaboration between chris and myself.

one second everyday — january 2019

january was spent mostly in thailand, dodging winter and exploring the country with our friends.

i wrote about it in previous posts, but i really enjoyed being back in asia. it’s hard to describe how much i missed it these all these years… and the thing is, i don’t think i even realized it until we set foot there again and were immersed in its craziness. take me back!

analogue wednesday #180

START HERE, reads frame #0 of R4R-42. i like it!

goodbye thailand!

there’s much more to write about thailand… but january is over and so i think we’ll keep those for the next time. time to wrap up the thai posts and fly to other places! :)