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elita & ribeiro

currently lurking and without many words to share. this too shall pass.

cotton trees

it’s mostly melting now, and the ground is muddy and gross… so let’s look up, shall we? :)

the tree photographer

i’m becoming a tree top collector, but i can’t help it. everywhere i go, there are trees waiting to be discovered :)

more proof:

gold and blue another golden tree

with spikes tree tops

/summer light

all your lungs

i think it’s only going to get worse when spring comes. can’t wait! :)

diptychs from the motherland: wheat and blue

prado, santarém. junho 2009

spring: color version

tree tops

with spikes

not that different from the black and white version. i like the fact that, despite it being a color film, the colors turned out so subdued… spring can be like that too. and i haven’t got tired of looking up to the tree tops yet… :)