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analogue wednesday #197

more light-spotted views from R4R-50 (shot with thibaud thomas), probably double-exposed in toronto for my part.

analogue wednesday #175

one of my favourite frames from R4R-77, featuring the stairs in our accountant’s office, i think… as often happens in with double-exposures, familiar sights become strange and new.

shot in collaboration with felix (aka felixsurplus).

analogue wednesday #171

Felix (aka felixsurplus) just sent me the scans of R4R-77, a roll which i had sent them pre-exposed some time ago. there’s a lot of good stuff in this roll, but this was the first picture that caught my eye! :D

analogue wednesday #106

i like this so much, it’s hard to put into words. i remember very clearly sitting in this american-style cafĂ© in tampere, a karelian pie on my plate and butterflies in my stomach, in nervous anticipation of a week of presentations and socialising.

and now, through the magic of film swapping and double exposures, these memories get scrambled with some of sara’s own mementos from london, making images that are simultaneously familiar and alien.

it’s fascinating to see what emerges from these rolls, what gets highlighted and what fades into the background as serindipity and light do their magic on the frames. i’ve shot a ton of rolls these past few weeks, and can’t wait to get back home and send them off! :)

analogue wednesday #104

people + southern boats, from R4R-2.