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i’m 31!

our birthday tradition: to put this song on repeat first thing in the morning, so that it gets stuck in my head the whole day! :D

31, yay! i love birthdays, and i love being spoiled rotten by friends and family… thank you for all the nice messages i’ve received today (both online & offline)! it was an awesome day, filled with sun, nice food and very neat presents! :)

vale+ amor

 vale+ amor
i got a present on my birthday which made me go awwww… it was so simple, yet so sweet. it’s called vale+ amor, and it’s a book of vouchers, for me to use whenever i want…
… an unforgettable dinner…
… a weekend without schedules…
… or whatever love wants today :)

there are 10 different coupons, all brilliantly illustrated, ready to turn any day into a great one. isn’t it the sweetest thing?

29 things i did in my twenties

1. got out of my country for the first time!
2. lived in the netherlands, discovered vla, stroopwaffles, hagelslag, fries with mayo and an underground bunker that controls the gas of the nation
3. wrote my master thesis on a very geek subject (the adaptation of a nitrogen usage simulation case to a network optimization tool)
4. bathed my first laptop in coffee (but it was ok)
5. fell in love with a boy on the other side of the atlantic, discovered i wanted to explore the whole world with him
6. moved to the largest city in china
7. learnt mandarin, did the HSK
8. celebrated chinese new year
9. walked the great wall, rode the maglev, experienced ramadan, lived through a major earthquake
10. went to malacca and thought about the portuguese crossing the sea to dock there, on the other side of the world
11. moved to slovenia
12. fell in love with the mountains, the lakes, the food, the greenness, the traditions
13. climbed some high mountains, saw the sea organ
14. learnt how to swing dance, and how to sew with a machine
15. saw kings of convenience, bon iver, florence + the machine, and bjork live
16. tried fondue, frog legs, stinky tofu, snails, raclette, kanelbullar, fried cheese, ice-cream sandwich, burek, mooncakes, korean barbeque, cevapcici, krofi, gibanica, vadelma munkki
17. decided we wanted something a bit more urban… moved to germany
18. went back to school to learn german
19. did a couple of awesome roadtrips
20. went to big places like paris, venice, copenhagen, istanbul, tallin, helsinki, hong kong, macau, suzhou, singapore and little places like skofja loka, redang, montemor-o-velho and s. leonardo da galafura
21. started shooting with film cameras, learnt how to develop film, discovered i really liked a camera named holga, collected a few more for good measure
22. got a spinal disc herniation, but managed to recover ok from it
23. went snowboarding, horse racing, snorkeling and geocaching
24. saw the family expand and then contract
25. did some gigs on a radio station, designed some websites, worked for a photography shop and a swedish brand of luxury accessories – now spend my days working on making postcrossing awesome
26. saw the postcrossing stamp come to life
27. decided that health was the best investment one can make, read a lot, gave up grains and dairy (about 85% of the time)
28. fell in love with bikes, stationery and snail mail in general
29. found out that it doesn’t matter where we are – real friends find a way to stick around despite the distance.

in the end, i think i’m doing quite ok. here’s to another 10 years of adventures! let the 30s begin! :)

(this list was inspired by stacey’s list)

i’m 28!

“it’s my party
and i’ll cry if i want to
cry if i want to
cry if i want to
you would cry too
if it happened to you!”

this song has been stuck in my head the whole day. it’s the same thing year after year: i only remember it on my birthday! :)

this sounds strange, but i’ve actually been telling people i’m 28 for a whole year already… my brain somehow didn’t get used to 27, and skipped ahead. i didn’t mind. 28 sounded better than 27, the way even numbers always seem to. very chinese, now that i think about it!

anyway, to do something different today, we drove to murska sobota and had gibanica, slovenia’s national cake, disguised as a birthday cake. it’s quite heavy, but i enjoy the mixture of flavours:

and as you can see, i got a drawing tablet from paulo as a bday present, and put it to good use already! :)

one, two… three!


like vicki says, time really flies when you’re having fun. it’s been three years since i received the first postcard ever sent through postcrossing… and here we are now, three years and over a million postcards later, still going strong :)

this has been postcrossing‘s best year so far, i think. the project went through a heavy recoding to move it to the symfony framework, and a re-design at the same time. the re-coding made it easy for p. to introduce new features, which have been coming out steadily.
the over 55k-users’ community happily exchanges postcards and joins meetups around the world. oh, and on average, 2 postcards are being received each minute, somewhere in the planet. :D

this year, there was even a marriage celebrated between two people who met through postcrossing! how cool is that?

here’s hoping for another 3 years of growth, smiles and busy mailboxes!