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i’m 28!

“it’s my party
and i’ll cry if i want to
cry if i want to
cry if i want to
you would cry too
if it happened to you!”

this song has been stuck in my head the whole day. it’s the same thing year after year: i only remember it on my birthday! :)

this sounds strange, but i’ve actually been telling people i’m 28 for a whole year already… my brain somehow didn’t get used to 27, and skipped ahead. i didn’t mind. 28 sounded better than 27, the way even numbers always seem to. very chinese, now that i think about it!

anyway, to do something different today, we drove to murska sobota and had gibanica, slovenia’s national cake, disguised as a birthday cake. it’s quite heavy, but i enjoy the mixture of flavours:

and as you can see, i got a drawing tablet from paulo as a bday present, and put it to good use already! :)

one, two… three!


like vicki says, time really flies when you’re having fun. it’s been three years since i received the first postcard ever sent through postcrossing… and here we are now, three years and over a million postcards later, still going strong :)

this has been postcrossing‘s best year so far, i think. the project went through a heavy recoding to move it to the symfony framework, and a re-design at the same time. the re-coding made it easy for p. to introduce new features, which have been coming out steadily.
the over 55k-users’ community happily exchanges postcards and joins meetups around the world. oh, and on average, 2 postcards are being received each minute, somewhere in the planet. :D

this year, there was even a marriage celebrated between two people who met through postcrossing! how cool is that?

here’s hoping for another 3 years of growth, smiles and busy mailboxes!


i’m 25 today.:)

ps – obrigado a todos pelos votos de parabéns! valem sorrisos quando se está tão longe dos amigos e da família. :)