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analogue wednesday #205

when i first looked at this photo, i thought the boats were for sure my exposure, from the neighboring town of santa luzia… but no! the palm trees are mine, and the boats are from scotland between moray firth and black isle, shot by matthew (aka megalithicmatt on R4R-94.

analogue wednesday #170

the stork nests, in downtown faro.

analogue wednesday #168

natas and schedules, on the first and last frames from R4R-78. new roll next week! :)

analogue wednesday #167

the obligatory cameo by the boy, this time on R4R-78. :)
also in this series: R4R-9 and R4R-20.

analogue wednesday #166

flowery bits from R4R-78, in which chris and i collaborated (via roll4roll).