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breakfasts in morocco

my favourite meal of the day does not disappoint in morocco — there are lots of different kinds of buns and breads to try, and orange juice is never far behind. the french influence can be felt on the croissants, baguette and pains au chocolat that often pop on the breakfast table too. all good things, in my book!

here are some of the things we’ve eaten in marrakesh, fez and rabat:

from left to right, krachel (anis and sesame sweet rolls) and beghrir (semolina pancakes), and then on the right there’s khobz, the omnipresent moroccan bread.

msemen are the pan-fried squares of dough. they’re one of my favourites and remind me of chinese street pancakes (minus the scallion). they also come in round versions, called meloui.

and finally, a new egg-dish: eggs with khlii, which is a type of beef jerky (dried meat that is preserved in animal fat).

i’m looking forward to revisiting a few of these this week, and try something new as well.

analogue wednesday #75



coffee and breakfast places in reykjavik.

the german breakfast

the april roadtrip was also an opportunity to explore german breakfast options — especially in hotels… who doesn’t love a good hotel breakfast?

turns out, they were remarkably consistent throughout the whole trip: a plate of cheese and cold cuts, a basket of bread, one boiled egg and some coffee… p. was in heaven, as he loves slathering bread with butter and then stacking layers of ham and cheese on top! :)





though i like a good espresso, i’ve also grown to enjoy this kind of watery coffee during our years here… i find it inexplicably comforting. plus, jacobs roasts theirs in the south of neukölln, and if the wind is right, you can smell it from our house! for months, we thought someone in the kiez had a really powerful cafetiera… :D

full english breakfast

i find there are few things in life as comforting as home-made meals, and of those, breakfast takes the cake. carefully prepared food, first thing in the morning? it requires love and dedication.

which is why it meant a lot to us that our first english breakfast in british soil was prepared by our hosts! it’s a lot of methodical work: some bits go in the oven, some are warmed in a pan, some are fried in a specific order so that everything is nice and hot before being served… but what a beauty! i especially liked the black pudding, but every bit of it was delicious – one of those meals that makes you want to sigh and lovingly pet your stomach at the end… before leaping out of the table with tons of extra energy for the day’s sightseeing :)

slow carb breakfast frittata

one of the things that was hard for us in the slow carb diet was the prescribed 30g of protein for breakfast… you start looking at the labels, and unless you want to eat steak, chicken breast or protein shakes for breakfast, your options look rather grim.

that was until we discovered the almighty frittata!

frittatas are cool. they take little active time to cook, keep for a day in the fridge, are filled with protein and if you can get your hands on egg whites from a carton, the waste is minimal. we love them! :)

we use a variation of mark’s sausage & egg breakfast bites for ours. you need 8 eggs (we use 7 egg whites + 1 full egg), about 250gr of minced meat and whatever else you want to add (mushrooms, spinach, sundried tomatoes, etc).

cook the raw veggies and the meat until they’re done. mix it with the eggs, then pour it all on a greased pan. put it on the oven in medium heat for 20 minutes or until everything is well cooked. plim!

if you break the frittata into 4 equal parts, you’ll get about 20gr of protein in each part. add some lentils and ham to top up the proteins, some avocado w/lemon juice and voilá! problem solved!