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one second everyday — october 2019

october 1st was the day we had been working for for months, the day in which postcards celebrated their 150th anniversary. hurray! the day itself was ok, and in the following weeks lots of events took place a bit all around the world. we flew back home from bern later that day, happy and proud.

the rest of the month we’ve saved a bird stuck in our kitchen exhaust, hiked and played boardgames with friends, knitted a new pair of socks and continued to learn chinese, participated in the town hall’s budget meeting, went to the yearly postcrossing meeting in bielefeld… and bought a new* car!

the old focus turned 19 this year, and driving a diesel car had started to feel a bit “dirty”. for a long time, we had our eyes on 100% electrical cars, but the logistics of going north with an electric car can be a little tricky in an emergency… so we opted for a middle ground solution: a plug-in car that runs on both! the 30km electric autonomy is enough to get to town and back a couple of times, which is what we need for the big majority of our trips and the gas engine is there for the rest. we’ve only done a couple hundred kms with it, but so far so good. next step: solar panels! :D

* well, second-hand, but new to us :)

perpendicular parking

on our first full day in bangkok, our friend joy drove us to a mall (i’ll tell you why later!). we were driving around the parking lot looking for a spot and noticed something weird: most of the cars were parked in rows like here, but there were other cars parked perpendicularly in front of them! how did that work? well, we were about to find out:

so, step by step:

– move perpendicular car out of the way
– park your own car in the spot you’ve found
– move perpendicular car back to where it was before

whoa! turns out, all the perpendicular cars are parked out of gear, so that they can be easily moved back and forth. it felt weird for us to move other people’s cars, and i’m not 100% convinced that it actually saves space. plus if you’re parking alone, it’s quite a bit more work… but still pretty cool! :D

isetta <3!

passing by munich on the roadtrip, we did a small detour to the bmw museum. cars are not really my thing, but i knew they’d have my favorite specimen on display, so we had to take a look!



in fact they had not just one, but two — and you could take a ride on one of them!!! :D


oh be still my heart!

bits of red…

… from an old cars parade, many months ago.

bmw isetta

what a cute little car, it could almost fit in a hug! i wish they still made these, i wouldn’t think twice! :)

actually, i’d probably have one in every color…