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our part-time cat

because he’s been showing up quite a bit on the latest videos, a few of you asked whether we had a cat. the answer is… sort of! he’s not ours, but he visits often, while going about his business in the neighbourhood.

zorelha — our part time cat

he’s a feral cat (afaik), with easy purrs and a penchant for cuddles. we call him zorelha (zarolho + orelha), because of the funny cut he has on one of his ears (a tell-tale sign he’s been sterilised and released).

he’s friendly and comes and goes as he pleases, and that’s fine with us! :)

analogue wednesday #52



a curious cat in cacela velha.

ps – oh hey look! we’ve just crossed a full whole year of this series! :)

i is not cat

from icanhascheezburger.

after a hellish week with the cats travel preparations, this pic made me laugh. at moments i’ve been quite tempted to just pack the cats with my sweaters, but i’m glad things seem to be moving in the right direction now. fingers crossed!

grub’s little trick:


every single time i get home, she runs to her spot, lays on her back and gets ready for some serious cuddling on the belly. :D

meet grub


lilo has been featured on flickr and anitanachina. he’s the lazy cat, our own garfield, the one who manages to stay still (ie., to resist the urge to attack the lens) long enough for me to shoot a picture.

grub is the hyper-active one (“what is this? can i see? can i see? come here!”), the one that always comes to the door when we arrive home, to promptly lay on her back and receive some patting on her belly. acting cute works everytime and she knows it :)