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analogue wednesday #256

missing asia like a phantom limb. :( i wonder how we’ll see it one day, when we go back.

the price of ignoring the elephant in the room

“But the missing from this official story, as it was missing from official reports on the Tibetan riots, is any acknowledgment that Uighurs in general might have legitimate grievances. Grievances about the influx of ethnic Han, the relative lack of economic opportunity, demolition of their traditional cities, limitations on their right to freely practice their religion, or whatever.

That’s a serious omission because, while it is made with an eye on propagating an official story of the spread of development and prosperity, it comes with a long-term price: it inflames the very tensions it attempts to paper over. And it, with marvelous efficiency, it inflames them on both sides. Uighurs are given the impression that their concerns are considered unworthy of acknowledgment by the State, a situation that is a classic recipe for convincing people to take extreme measures. Other Chinese, meanwhile, are deprived of any context for the riots, which feeds into a colonial attitude toward Uighurs that I have experienced firsthand. If you believe that you have given a people nothing but development and progress and economic opportunity, and they rise up against you, then you will come to see them as at best treacherous and untrustworthy and at worst as less than human, with predictable consequences. Legitimate grievances or not, the riots are almost certainly doing terrible damage to the Uighur cause in China.”

“Collective violence is a funny thing. Grievances, hatreds, jealousies, and resentment can linger in the collective consciousness for a long time without being expressed through bloodshed, but the longer it simmers the more extreme the reaction when the barrier is breached and violence enters the repertoire of resistance.

I personally found the wanton violence on the part of the rioters in Urumqi to be abhorrent. But it’s also important to remember, as too many people in the United States failed to do in the aftermath to 9-11, that seeking to understand WHY somebody would commit acts of violence is NOT the same thing as condoning those acts.”

quotes from 2 sensible pieces on the most recent urumqi riots, by Imagethief and Jottings from the Granite Studio, very much worth reading for some context on the situation.
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spring: color version

tree tops

with spikes

not that different from the black and white version. i like the fact that, despite it being a color film, the colors turned out so subdued… spring can be like that too. and i haven’t got tired of looking up to the tree tops yet… :)

waxing, in shanghai

this is a post for the girls* :)

when i came to china, i quickly realized two things: chinese people don’t use deodorant because they barely sweat, and on top of that, most chinese girls hardly have any body hair. it’s really annoying, and it makes it especially hard for us “normal” girls to get a decent waxing that doesn’t cost a kidney. i don’t like the DIY alternative, which usually ends up with me making a mess at home, or hurling out in disbelief of the pain i am inflicting myself… sure, waxing hurts, but it’s quick and it lasts long, so the benefits clearly beat the alternatives!

anyway, i searched the internet left and right until i stumbled on someone who does exactly what i was looking for! olga medeiros is a nice brazilian lady, who lives and works in the gubei area. she does manicures, pedicures and waxing in a friendly and professional environment, with products of good quality. just send her an email ( to schedule.

so here it is, a first hand recommendation for girls in need! olga really deserves some publicity and posting it here is really the least i can do :)

* although I think she does waxing for boys too, but i’m not 100% sure

ps – posts are a bit delayed due to a mix of deadlines, a friend’s bday party, more mess ups by a certain airline regarding some pets, and general life craziness… but i am trying to catch up!

china through the lens of john thomson


from the asian art newspaper:

During his second trip to Asia, Thomson based himself at the thriving British Crown Colony of Hong Kong in 1868. There he studied Chinese and Chinese culture while making a few short trips into Guangdong. Thomson’s major China expedition began in 1870. For two years he travelled extensively from Guangdong to Fujian, and then to eastern and northern China, including the imperial capital Beijing, before heading down to the River Yangtse, altogether covering nearly 5000 miles. In China, Thomson excelled as a photographer in quality, depth and breadth, and also in artistic sensibility. The experience he gained, and the techniques he developed, on the streets of Beijing laid the foundation for his Street Life in London, compiled five years later. This established him as the pioneer of photojournalism and one of the most influential photographers of his generation.

From 16 April to 18 May the exhibition China through the lens of John Thomson will be at the Beijing World Art Museum, so you still have a few days to catch it if you’re in the capital.

After that, it will travel to The Fujian Museum (14 June to16 August); Guangzhou Museum
(26 August to 25 September); and Dongguan Exhibition Center (3 November to 2 December), before travelling to the World Museum Liverpool in the UK to celebrate Chinese New Year 2010.

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