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chocolate with coconut and banana topping

miss v

like my grand grandpa used to say, “sweet things never made me bitter!” :D

(from our xmas party, 2 years ago in groningen. more sweetness and nostalgie, on flickr).

2 – and we’re back.

back in groningen, for at least another month.
feels great to be here again, finally. we arrived yesterday after a painful check-in at porto’s airport (including me unpacking ALL the contents of my overfiled backpack and not being able to put everything back in again), hours waiting at stansted airport (where we had tupperware dinner party, with our mom’s food and we watched an old lady going berserk), and hours on the train etc. but we were quite anxious to see everybody again, and it all payed off when we found the crew chatting on the second’s floor corridor. some things never change, indeed.
the temperature has dropped to a couple of negatives degrees now, but no snow on sight, just ice spread a little bit everywhere.
levi has started to wear his termotebes (really shielding portuguese (?) undershirts, from when we were kids) and i’ve settled for odlo warm shirts.

levi also went to his stomach doctor, which forbid him to drink alcohol and coffe and smoke. the poor boy is taking his revenge in chocolate (old picture to illustrate what i mean)… :)