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analogue wednesday #171

Felix (aka felixsurplus) just sent me the scans of R4R-77, a roll which i had sent them pre-exposed some time ago. there’s a lot of good stuff in this roll, but this was the first picture that caught my eye! :D

bits of green…

not like slovenian green, but nice nonetheless. previously on the series: bits of red, blue and some other random bits.

bits of red…

… from an old cars parade, many months ago.

summer light

never-ending light, from 5:30am till about 9pm. we’re soaking it all in. :)

framboise mint choc


currently browsing the colors and patterns on, and falling in love with their names. somehow “vintage mount dew”, “vampire dribble”, “Ursus horribilis”, “tomato sneaking out” or “tummy ache” all make sense as colors, at least as soon as you see them. :)

also on the subject, how cool is this collection of 500 coloring pencils?

and of course, impossibly expensive at $33/batch of 25 crayons/month. also, who would have the courage to actually use such a perfect collection? sigh.