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new banner!

i’ve had this idea stuck in my head for a while, to make a banner for the blog out of a photomaton strip… and after a few tries it kind of worked, i think!

i like it, it’s a bit heavy compared to the previous one, but very “berlin”. and it’s nice to have something fresh up there for a change! :)

calligraphy class

doing a calligraphy class had been on my plans (and list) for ages. i’ve always been attracted to nice penmanship, so it seemed like the next logical step. last week, i found one class by accident through gidsy and enlisted right at the last minute.

the class was great, and we learnt how to draw most letters of lowercase english copperplate script. it’s a relatively simple script, but hard work nonetheless! by the end of it, my hand was hurting from all the tension i was putting on my nib, but i felt like we were all more confident and ready to start practising on our own. i certainly intend to! :)

magical U7 stations

both with designs by r. r├╝mmler, from the late 70s.