these are the posts tagged ‘double exposure’:

analogue wednesday #248

bits of braga and other places, double exposed with gianni via roll4roll.

analogue wednesday #247

some barely double-shot frames from R4R-73 (from gianni and myself). this structure in ameixial is a dedication to José Rosa Madeira, a local watchmaker who did important work in archeology and also helped collect the spoken poems of António Aleixo.

analogue wednesday #246

a couple more green frames from R4R-73, double-exposed by myself and gianni.

analogue wednesday #245

wishing you all a happy new year ahead!

analogue wednesday #244

very lightly double-exposed frames from from R4R-73, mostly by me with some shades from gianni. sometimes the portuguese sun is just too strong, and nothing else shines through. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯