these are the posts tagged ‘double exposure’:

analogue wednesday #181

bits of america peeking through these thai bikes. R4R-42 was a double-exposed collaboration between chris and myself.

analogue wednesday #180

START HERE, reads frame #0 of R4R-42. i like it!

analogue wednesday #178

remember lilo? twelve years later, he’s still causing mischief and enjoying his retirement in the in-laws.

double-exposure from R4R-77, in collaboration with felix (aka felixsurplus).

analogue wednesday #177

a couple of frames from tejo’s power station and bristol at night, double-exposed on R4R-77 with felix.

analogue wednesday #175

one of my favourite frames from R4R-77, featuring the stairs in our accountant’s office, i think… as often happens in with double-exposures, familiar sights become strange and new.

shot in collaboration with felix (aka felixsurplus).