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analogue wednesday #97

more crops from R4R-6 (shot between denmark and portugal). brace yourselves — i predict a lot of double exposures on wednesdays from here onwards! :)

analogue wednesday #96

the first crop to come out of one of the rolls i’ve received from, my little film swap project!

(click image for bigger version)

R4R-6 was first shot in denmark, and then double-exposed here in the south. the results were definitely interesting! :) dorte shot her roll “upside down”, so the sky pops up in unexpected places all throughout the roll. it’s really cool how things align sometimes, blending almost seamlessly into the next frame… makes it really hard to decide where to cut!

10 years of us


analogue wednesday #59

(double exposed) agfa apx 100, minox 35gt (click for bigger)

analogue wednesday #11

mix & match: weigandufer + bahnhof zoo