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100 gym visits in a year!

that was item number #30 on my list, and this was the year it got done!

i’ve been tracking this goal on beeminder since march and making steady progress on it. after long breaks in july/august and then again in october, things got tight towards the end of the year… so i stepped up the game to include some more swimming and ended up hitting the goal yesterday with one last swim — just in time!

the back is still dodgy, but at least it’s moving a little. onwards! :)

one second everyday — january 2016

a bit late, but here’s january:

the beginning of the year was homely and mostly boring, from a cinematographic perspective. we caught up on work and set up goals for the year, both personal and professional. outside, i rode my new bike and we hiked, met friends and went to the festa da chouriça, in querença, which was pretty yummy!

i also joined a local gym (not pictured) and started doing (a sort of light) crossfit! every other day, i get my ass-kicked by a ridiculous amount of push-ups, burpees or deadlifts… and come home sore and happy. it wasn’t a new year resolution, but it worked out nicely anyway! :)