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analogue wednesday #105

and my favourite crop from R4R-2, is this frame featuring paulo on the wheel blending into a dramatic church. i spend quite a bit of time riding shotgun, so these kind of photos from the passenger perspective will probably pop up now and then. maybe i’ll turn them into a tradition! :)

analogue wednesday #104

people + southern boats, from R4R-2.

analogue wednesday #103

random people (and paulo!) caught on R4R-2, a black and white film roll swapped on Roll4Roll between me and mokko8.

analogue wednesday #102

first frames from R4R-2, the second roll i double-exposed and developed from Roll4Roll. this one contains bit of portugal and spain, by me and mokko8.

analogue wednesday #101

a danish traffic sign, plus a portuguese concert and tiles, still from a roll4roll swap. click for bigger.