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analogue wednesday #127

it’s time!

analogue wednesday #94



flowers and more flowers, everywhere we look!

analogue wednesday #35



bits of spring from last year in berlin.

spring crocus

the season changed on the calendar and as if on cue, thousands of tiny flowers popped out of the ground. anywhere there is a bit of dirt, spring crocus is blooming. precious tiny blurbs of colour on dormant hills, giving us yet another excuse to walk around and breathe fresh air. if we hadn’t fallen head over heels for this country long ago, this would probably do it :)

looking for plan b

little flowers
little flowers

currently floating in a sea of drupal modules and dreaming of winning the jackpot and building a spacious loft, with minimalist decoration and lots of windows. also, of doing some sort of masters in online journalism/documentary. and a website about quirky european roadtrip stops (why should americans have all the fun?!).

i daydream way too often.