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the new year’s get-together

organising a new year’s get-together for friends was on the new 101 list, and 2016 was the year it got done! new years are usually a bit of a dread for us… by the time the end of the year rolls around, we’re still recovering from the xmas family extravaganza, and craving peace and quiet. so this year, we poked a few friends spread around europe and decided to find a quiet place where we could all stay for a few days. we found a cozy airbnb in a tiny town in south germany which seemed perfect for our needs (somewhere central in europe, quiet, near cheap airports, dogs allowed)… so we put on our winter jackets, loaded the suitcases with board games, and off we went!

turns out, we lucked out big time! lienzingen is a charming little place, the kind that you imagine from brothers grimm’s fairy tales. it’s full of half-timbered houses hundreds of years old, carefully restored with love and german precision. we stayed in one of them, and boy, was it pretty!


the weather was chilly but mostly dry, with soft rime on trees and even a bit of snow on the last days. together we chatted, cooked, played games, explored a unesco monastery, cuddled dogs, munched on warm laugenwecken, stoked the fireplace and discovered the local maultaschen.

it was the perfect start to the new year: low-key, unrushed and in great company. here’s hoping it’ll become a new tradition! :)

analogue wednesday #82



our friends F. & A. are our local adventure partners — always up to exploring the hills or local fairs, discovering a new restaurant or just getting lazy at the beach :)

analogue wednesday #81




usually we just cross the lagoon on foot, on low tide… but sometimes we take the boat.

analogue wednesday #78




casca and fridolin were the nicest pet guests this summer!

one second everyday — june 2016

if june had a theme, it would definitely be friends & family. the month was spent catching up with dear friends both local and from abroad, tearing up in weddings, visiting family, and then hosting family here in the south. in the in-betweens, we wrote postcards, enjoyed being tourists, tested recipes for meatballs (for friday night meatballs!) and admired the new world map that now hangs in the office! :)