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analogue wednesday #219

last one from our day of walking around picturesque luzern.

analogue wednesday #218

luzern, from the water.

analogue wednesday #217

we went to luzern one day last october, to meet a dear friend on a perfect blue-skied day.

analogue wednesday #215

fresh roll, just back from the lab!

i’ve taken so many photos of trees with the holga, but somehow, i’m still fascinated by them.

not a big fan of the huge shadows of nails and tape (???) that showed up all over this roll though, but haven’t quite figured out that mystery yet. any ideas?

analogue wednesday #203

a frame from R4R-94, swapped with matthew (aka megalithicmatt) some time ago. his frames were shot in the moray firth and black isle, in scotland and mine… probably around portugal somewhere. :)