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one second everyday – may 2015

so… yeah… where were we? back in may, was it? here it is:

in may, everything was new. we worked on the house on the house, opened a p.o. box, explored our surroundings a little, saw the the slovenian stamp come to life, did another trip north for the race… and then things started to go a bit south with all the postponed work. *sigh* still trying to catch up on that.


and just like that, with a flick of a switch, we turned a page on this electricity drama and moved in.

it’s hard to feel excited after months of anxiously waiting and battling… i think we’re mostly relieved to reach the end of the tunnel and enjoying the stillness. it took a while for it to sink in, but now this land of sunshine and blue skies is starting to feel like our new home and the exploring can finally begin. i’m looking forward to that.


we’re not bitter though — if anything, this situation has left us determined: we won’t be them. we won’t be the incompetent lot, refusing to apologize or to assume our own faults, hiding behind excuses. we won’t be the postponers, stuck waiting for things to magically happen somehow. in our lives and in our own terms, we shall be hustlers, doers, finishers.

i guess that’s the lesson we took home. oh! and always check that your landlord has aaaaaaaaaall the papers he needs to rent a house. *sigh*

one second everyday – april 2015

april was the month we finally (finally!) got electricity in the house and moved in… hurray!

it also included lots of family time, a trip to ikea, our 9th anniversary… and a pirate-themed birthday party with treasure hunt included! :D

our two favourite food groups

chocolate and coffee! what else do you need? :)

down by the sea

“every year on the small dutch island ‘texel’ there is a poetry competition, the best two poems are carved into truck tyres (by hand) and the poems are then written in letterpress all over the beach during the summer…”

the image and text are from and you can check out the rest of the pictures there. the whole idea is so cool!
the last few days the sky has actually been pretty blue for most of the time, making me dream of nivea, a sunny beach and my tanned skin a bit salty by the end of the day.
probably, the nightmare of any chinese girl. eheh… speaking of seaside…

threadless has teamed with blik to transform a few of their winning designs into wall graphics. they are looking mighty good. i guess that’s the bad side of this life of rented houses – not much creativity ends up on the walls. maybe one day, we can buy a lighthouse in new zealand and use this pirate infested waters print on the bedroom. that would be neat!