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meet me at starbucks

some years ago, starbucks was doing a campaign about people or groups that met in their shops regularly, all around the world. somehow, they found about postcrossing meetups sometimes taking place there, and invited us to shoot a mini-movie about it.

we were a bit skeptical (not to mention, camera-shy…), but in the end it was a cool experience — we assembled a group of nice postcrossers from prague and sat around, sipping coffee and talking postcards for the afternoon. like they say, good things happen when we’re together! :)

boulder -> portugal -> china -> portugal

because i’m too anxious to talk about a certain apartment that may or may not be our next home (and for which i have a serious case of love at first sight), i’m going to digress and link an interview on público about (my) crocs. i’ve been a happy crocs‘s walker for a year now, and i cannot recommend them enough :)