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moroccan patterns

by a combination of old promises and a serendipitous houseswap request, we’re back to morocco this week for the second time this year. which is unexpected and brilliant, because i liked it the first time around, and there is so much left to explore. this time, i’m hoping for a glimpse of the countryside, and perhaps even the coast.

while i do some exploring, i thought i’d use the week to schedule a few posts with impressions from our last visit. this is the first one. enjoy!

islamic architecture has fascinated me since we first set foot in malaysia, almost 10 years ago. each room, door, fa├žade or fountain is a masterpiece, a fractal of colours in tiles and carvings, quotes and rhythms filling all the white spaces until there’s nothing left to cover.

in particular, i love how they play with calligraphy, how the letters and words in arabic dance together, their movement woven so beautifully into the architecture. it almost makes me want to learn the language just for the script… almost.

for now, i look forward to just running my fingers through all this beauty once more.

no surface shall be left plain

really missing the visual stimulation of islamic architecture. walking down the streets and noticing all the colors and geometric details in the facades.
(by comparison, shanghai is so bland and grey…)

buka puasa, breaking fast

tentage for breaking fast

so there we were, in the middle of rows of tables. kampung baru, the same area that was deserted during the whole day is now busy with life. people all around us, sitting on these tables, food steaming in front of them, colorful plastic glasses filled with iced colorful drinks. but no one is eating, not even the kids who stare at the food with hungry and impatient eyes. there is rain outside the improvised tents that cover this canteen and it is getting darker.

breaking fast time

at 7:15, a chant on tv, subtitled in arabic. on the radio as well, a man prays in a mixture of praying and singing. and as soon as they stop, the feast starts. in the whole country.

friends and snacks!