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postcards from slovenia

90% of my day revolves around postcards, and yet i speak very little of them on this blog. so today i thought i’d share some of the best postcards i’ve found in slovenia. it’s still too early to judge the ones from berlin, but slovenia has plenty to share! here are some of my favourites (click for bigger):

doesn’t it make you want to visit? you should go! :)

welcoming spring

today we passed the gradascica canal and there was music and a crowd of people gathering around with their kids, many of which had handmade floats! we had only caught the end of this event last year, so this time we sticked around to see what it was all about.

from what i could gather on the internet, on 11th march, the eve of st. gregory’s day, children make floating boats and houses with little candles in them, and put them on the canal to welcome spring. it was beautiful – they were all excited and followed their boats till the finish line, where they were scooped up before entering the ljubljanica.
a bit of sweet innocence to an otherwise very tragic day.

foto format

when you settle in a new city, there are some things that take a bit to discover. like where to do your waxing, which café makes the best pancakes, or where to develop your film rolls. for the film issue, sometimes you can find tips on flickr groups or old photography forums but more often than not, the information there is outdated. so, a period of trial and error ensues.

the first shops we found in ljubljana that developed medium format rolls weren’t very promising – it always took a while for them to return the negatives, and sometimes they came with marks…

but after inquiring here and there, someone pointed out foto format, in the tunnel on the skyscraper building. and lo and behold, in that small and inconspicuous shop we found the answer to our analog prayers. efficient service with a smile, always plenty of film in stock on the fridge, quick delivery and spotless negatives. we love it and remain faithful customers since day one. really, what else could you ask for? :)

their contact info is
tel.: 01 422 30 10


cockta is one of those things that you have to try in slovenia. for a while we were curious about it… it looked a bit like a fake cola – would it taste the same?

so one day we brought some home from the supermarket to try. and whoa! i actually like it a lot! reminds me of the kind of syrups parents give to children when they’re sick: sweet and herbal, evocative of medicine but with bubbles! very nice. paulo disagrees and prefers to drink multisola :)

from wikipedia, i learnt it was invented in the 50s by emerik zelinka of slovenijavino, in his research for an original slovenian beverage. it’s made of rosehip, lemon, orange and lots of different local herbs. the design of the logo and unique bottle was made by architecture students.

all in all, a genuine slovenian drink!


čevapčiči was the only balkan dish we had heard of before going to slovenia, a recommendation from the mother of a friend who had fond memories of it, many years after having visited the country. it’s a simple dish, meaty & greasy, and a mess to eat, but oh so good!

it consists of minced meat, shaped into small sausage-like bits and grilled. there are several variations of the dish: the slovenians serve it with warm lepinja (flat pocket bread), onions and delicious kajmak (clotted cream). we prefer the pola-pola version that harambaša serves, with 5 čevapčiči and 2 sausages:

grab a piece of lepinja, slather it with the creamy kajmak, stick a piece of čevapčiči in it, and enjoy! (for extra slovenian points, wash it down with some cockta or the local laško!)

harambaša is on vrtna ulica 8, ljubljana.