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a postcard a day

doing a month of letters (and documenting it) was another thing on my latest 101 list… and last april, i’ve done it! :)

the experience went really well. there’s plenty to celebrate and be thankful for in the world, and it’s nice to stop for a few minutes and think about that — and then put those thoughts into words and send them out. i’ve written at home and in-between places, on cars and planes and trains, early in the morning and late at night, to friends and strangers… somehow, i managed to keep it up, always taking photos of the result.

and then, the 30th day suddenly came, and i just kept writing — turns out, there’s plenty more to say! today marks the 70th day of writing one letter or postcard a day. honestly i’m not sure how far i’ll take it… we’ll just have to see what happens! :)

lynda’s care package

our canadian friend lynda, whom we hosted late last year, sent us a lovely care package for christmas. with the inevitable delay in portuguese customs, the parcel arrived only in february… and suddenly, it was christmas all over again! :) this was the bounty:

lynda's care package

lots of pretty stationery, tea, chocolate coins and balls, pecan nuts, maple syrup, toffee, and even a beautiful stained glass ornament she made herself!

lynda's care package

oh, and a mountain of crispy crunch, probably one of the best candies out there! peanut butter and salt flakes, folded in crispy pillows of goodness and covered in chocolate… so, so good! plus, these are tiny, so you don’t feel like you’re over-indulging when you reach out for one. we’ve been rationing them so that they don’t end too soon…

lynda's care package lynda's care package

thank you so much lynda — it was perfect, all of it! :)

stationery in prague: papelote

though it definitely has its perks, living in a quiet little village in the south does present some challenges… like the complete lack of nice stationery shops nearby. this might be a blessing for my wallet, but it’s also a curse for a paper-and-mail aficionado like me. which is why these days, i tend to go a bit overboard on the paper purchases when we find ourselves interesting places! :) i wanted to write about a few of the things we brought back from our recent trips, because some of these make me really happy, and maybe some of you will enjoy them as well.

so, first off, prague! on our last day in town, we walked by papelote, a small stationery studio and shop, which turned out to be a highlight of the trip. far from being an ordinary stationery shop, these guys take paper to a whole other level, designing products that are familiar but with a twist, making you take a second look and wonder.

anyway, enough of the poetry… off to the bounty!


their mail-related items were some of my favourite. i’m a big fan of aerogrammes and other small mail formats, and was quite happy to discover they have a whole line of beautiful photographic aerogrammes, with different black-and-white motives. (why are the normal aerogrammes so boring?)

these were part of their writing set, which also included cartographic postcards, a brilliant island-letter (which i liked so much, i ended up using before i got the chance to photograph it!), as well as a pencil, writing paper and a letter opener.

we also couldn’t resist their spiral notebooks, and ended up bringing back a couple, plus a very handy elastic band which has been a comforting addition to my traveling kit. i can never pick just one writing utensil to travel with me, so it’s nice to have something which can hold a few of them simultaneously — but not toooo many.

the little dots à la leuchturm and the pleasing texture of the paper on the notebooks made me very happy indeed.


papelote’s love for paper is obvious in all the things they do, so i’m looking forward to our next trip to prague, and to see what they will come up with next! :)

the pillar box tattoo

so i’ve wanted a tattoo for a while now – i even put it on my last list! the plan was that i would draw something and then tattoo that drawing… but given that my drawing skills didn’t develop all that much in the past years, i asked my friend maria if she wouldn’t mind drawing me one. she did a lovely pillar box, which has taken permanent residence in my upper arm since last summer:

why a pillar box? well, mail is pretty much our life… and pillar boxes are cool, if you ask me! :D

(the other day i dreamt of getting the matching blue one…)

to mr cheng

a cool project that tests the limits of postal workers’ patience, one strange object at a time.

check the interview with the artist on wired magazine for some more insight on the project. a small preview: You have previously published books of letters, for example one where you sent letters with odd ideas to authorities, like asking a Swedish municipality if it could host a North American Indian tribe. Why are you so fascinated by letters?
Ericson: Sending things is a fun way to communicate, and I love the seriousness in letters. I mean, you would never receive a lawsuit by e-mail. There is something about letters, especially nowadays when they are getting more and more rare, and we’re communicating in other ways instead.