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plastic jesus

“i don’t care if it rains or freezes
as long as i’ve got my plastic jesus
sitting on the dashboard of my car basket of my bike

it comes in colours pink and pleasant
it glows in the dark cause it’s irisdescent
i take it with me whenever i go far

so give me my lady madonna
dressed in rhinestones and sitting on a
pedestal of abalone shells

i’m driving 90 but i’m not scared
cause i’ve got my virgin mary
assuring me that i’ll never go to hell”

plastic jesus, jack johnson cover.

i’m so getting one for my bike, just so that i can sing this song whenever i ride it… i love singing when i’m driving (car or bike). makes me happy!


i’m 25 today.:)

ps – obrigado a todos pelos votos de parabéns! valem sorrisos quando se está tão longe dos amigos e da família. :)

floating like a cannonball

i feel like i haven’t been such a good blogger, lately.
all the exams, the overwhelming happiness of having p. around again and the re-adjusting to him actually being here, on this timezone. i think to myself all the time: “we made it”. yes, we did. all these months apart, we’ve more or less patiently hanged on to each other and now, well, i guess we’re sort-of emotionally recovering and packing for the next adventure. together.
which is why i need to get blogging again – i don’t want to miss on the details, one day.

other things i’ve been meaning to blog about:
* my wists. i found wists through rosa, and i liked the concept very much: a universal wishlist, that tracks all the pretty things you love. it saves a link to that webpage and you chose a photo of the product to go with it, so that you can show the item to other people. it’s simple and very nicely done.
* contagious magazine (in pdf), the most contagious ideas of 2006.



this is my truth, show me yours.
what tickles you? :P


me, by me. a good use for an old stove. :)