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analogue wednesday #220

this domain turned 16 years today! although i don’t write much these days, i’m still happy to have this collection of stories and images, from so many years of adventures past. onwards, to the next 16!

new banner!

i’ve had this idea stuck in my head for a while, to make a banner for the blog out of a photomaton strip… and after a few tries it kind of worked, i think!

i like it, it’s a bit heavy compared to the previous one, but very “berlin”. and it’s nice to have something fresh up there for a change! :)

moving and shaking

meiadeleite is switching to a new server over the weekend. “things might get a little shaky for a couple of days”, my systems administrator tells me. (i forgive him because he’s cute).

see you all on the other side!

declutter away!

at the time of the previous implementation of this website, the choice of CMS was motivated by paralel projects envolving joomla… but joomla soon turned out to be a little naughty monster, that i kept trying to tame. our relationship grew in the premisses of tweaks and workarounds, half-working modules and whatnots…

but my patience for such things has run out a long time ago. so today, with p. in charge of the php/mysql migration front and me on the design side, we moved the blog from joomla to wordpress. i would have anticipated lots of problems, but the whole thing went rather smoothly, and the website looks pretty much the same.

to me though, it feels so different! finally i have proper categories, tags, rss feeds that don’t have encoding problems, a spam filter for comments, clean urls, etc etc etc.


ps – i’m not sure for how long the feeds will hold, so feed readers should update their feed to feed:// sorry about that.

ps2 – if you find any problems, let me know :)

g. and i saw some cloth markers on a cheap shop some weekends ago and decided to give it a go. first on a very old tshirt, then (because it worked perfectly) on a good one.

so the second “” tshirt is born. here’s the front and the back. :)