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i need an empire to overthrow

Owen Pallett has the smallest, tiniest little features, delicate like a bone china horse. (on AMP ::: ROCK)

on one of the last weeks in groningen, i was listening to “adventure.exe” by owen pallett while writing the neverending thesis. i had found the song on a orange commercial, some time ago and then fell in love with it…

anyway, if you’ve heard anything else by owen, you’ll know he’s a violin player and well there isn’t much violin on this song… it’s more of a guitar solo and some instrument i can’t recognize, playing towards the middle of the song… and there is rain in the background and a sort of scratching sound, if you hear carefully. those scratching noises were intriguing me for some time – they sounded familiar.

and then it hit me. because it’s something most people don’t do everyday or never even heard of it, and because i was damn happy and proud of my minute of geekness, i’m going to tell:
he’s scratching rosin on his violin bow. over and over again. sometimes on the edges, sometimes across the full length of it. and sometimes he blows the excess off.
the noise is so familiar, i must have done it hundreds of times before. :) can you hear it?

he did get the violin in the song afterall. owen rules.

* orange videoclip, though you can’t hear the sounds there.
* adventure.exe comes on final fantasy album “he poos clouds”.
* violin bows and rosin.

* i’m almost back :)



and all the girls in every girlie magazine
can’t make me feel any less alone…

(death cab for cutie, on repeat around here)


Too high, too low
Too young to know
Too high, too low
Too quick, too slow
All my life, all my life

Freedom, freedom
Is this freedom?
Is it freedom?
Because I’ve been searching for that harvest moon
Been searching all my life

perry blake at casa das artes, last month.

writing about music is like dancing about architecture

a window to a studio

budda power blues concert

i’ think i’ve always listened to it lower than most people. and most of the time that i’m wearing my headphones, i’m not listening anything. they’re just there, to help me concentrate. it works.
lately, subtly, it corners and surronds me, makes me tumble on new people… and changes everything. music.

(the title is from fontgarden)