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consoada, the family dinner on christmas eve, is the epitome of christmas celebrations in portugal. families get together and a ton of food, homemade wine and sweets are consumed. there’s nothing fancy about it: everybody brings something and we share it all. and then, when people are nearing sugar coma, santa claus descends upon us and distributes the presents. because the family is quite big and loves to give cleverly disguised gag gifts, the process takes hours… plus for the first time in a really long time, there’s a baby in the family again – his name is martim, and he loves to help people tear the wrapping paper off their presents! :)

it never gets old! :)

christmas market in ljubljana

hello! happy new year!
it’s been quiet here, but like always on the first day of the year, there’s new energy to do the things we’ve kept postponing… like blogging :)

we’ve spent christmas in portugal with our families, like we always do. travelling here in mid-december involved a late plane and a missed connecting flight in london, with a consequent pricey flight purchase for the next day and the inevitable overnight stay in an airport. but hey, after years of changing planes in london and never visiting the city, i finally stepped out of an airport and took the subway – to another airport, but still! i can say i’ve used london’s metro! :)
all in all, we were rather lucky, considering all the stories we’ve been reading!

before we left for portugal, we made sure to enjoy the christmas market in ljubljana. the light decorations take a less christian theme there, focusing on stars and planets instead. there are stalls selling things like winter gloves, sweets, honey or christmas decorations and others with lots of food… and of course, gluhwein and hot chocolate. yum!
the whole concept of a christmas market is something i really like: it gives people enough incentive to brave the snow and come out on the streets in these cold december nights. here’s what it looked like this year:

next post: christmas night in portugal!