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analogue wednesday #10

summer sunset in tempelhof, as seen by the instax.

analogue wednesday #8

tempelhof, 2012.

analogue wednesday #7

coders of the world!
tempelhof, 2012. more random double exposures.

analogue wednesday #6

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random double exposures.

48 hours neukölln

our district celebrated art this weekend, with 48 hours of concerts, exhibitions, talks, tours, performances, open doors and lots of other cool stuff. the particular thing about this festival is that it happens all over the district, inside art galleries, courtyards, cafés or even ordinary people’s living rooms! you walk down the street, and when you see the sign – go in and check it out!

the result is a mix bag, but there’s always interesting things to be seen. this year, the highlight for me was the visit to the puppet museum. the lady there was super-enthusiastic about her job and the history of the musem, and even let us try handling the marionettes! i gave it a go…

…but it was hard work just trying to walk! :D