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fuji instax

i got a fuji instax last week, a very generous present from our last guests. i’ve had my eyes on one for years… my polaroid stock is running dangerously low, and i’m not buying impossible project film until they get their act together, so instax was the logical option. yet for months i’ve hesitated. i like the simplicity of instant photography, the immediate results and the easy scrapbooking, but my back didn’t really need another big camera to carry around…

now that i have one, i love it! it’s big and bulky, but much lighter than it looks. and the photos, such sharpness and bright colors! my jaw drops every time the colors come to life in the little white square.

i took these photos on the instax’s inaugural tour through the olympic stadium (click for bigger):

(the visit was unplanned, so i’ll let you enjoy the pictures and leave the history of the place for another time, lest this cheerful post be damped by somber memories.)