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bake this: salted peanut butter cookies (with bits of chocolate)

we made these on one of our baking sessions with d., and they are so so so good! before these, i didn’t know i could bake cookies, let alone something this good tasting! the recipe is from orangette and is an absolute winner.

there’s a lot of butter and sugar and heaps of peanut butter in this recipe, and the amount of salt alone might make you raise your eyebrow, but fear not! the salt will intensify the peanut butter taste, and elevate it to memorable awesomeness!

“heavenly”, “paradisiacal” and “orgasmic” were some of the words used around the table to describe these cookies. they didn’t last long, and were subsequently baked in batches and shipped to family members across the country – because something this good deserves to be shared with the people you love. try them! :)