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phone-sex stories

phone-sex is theather. an artificial passion play in real-time, directed by a skilled verbal fantasist, with only one possible conclusion.

phone sex book

a photo book of phone-sex workers at home, along with their stories, by phillip toledano.

boosting family coolness since 1992

i’ve had my name on the newspaper a few times before. usually because of some tech article, postcrossing, or crocs-related interview. none of them had any special impact on my family, in fact, most of them they never knew about any of those.

the one thing that made all my cousins proud was this photo,

splashed on page 55 (i think) of a certain portuguese religion book. that girl there, drowning the plants? that’s me.

every cousin would in turn discover this picture one day and proceed to brag to the whole class they knew this girl, their cousin ana! they felt cool – and i did too :P

ps – that’s my mom on the yellow suit (hi mom!), which is ironic since she never liked having her picture taken :)