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bits of red…

… from an old cars parade, many months ago.

bits of blue…

… from summers past.


i was given the lomokino last christmas and i immediately started shooting small clips with it. the shooting kept going sporadically for months… and strangely, the handle would just keep turning, seemingly ad infinitum… until i started to wonder if i had loaded it correctly… so last week i took it off and turned it in for developing.

and lo and behold, there was magic happening in tiny photography frames!

most of the roll was shot in winter and was underexposed, but i really like the bits i could salvage. i like how they’re somehow more than a photo, but not quite as complex as a video, and always with this old fashioned feeling… i can’t wait to see what else i can do with it! loading up the next roll right away :)

treeple exposure

treeples = three exposures of trees in a photo.

i think i might even like the color version better than the black and white one. :)

back in autumn

autumn was intense in berlin, perhaps to make up for a lousy rainy summer. the streets turned into immense fields of yellow, leaves smoothing our steps. it was gorgeous.

we had s. & g. visiting just at the peak of autumn, and they took really nice photos of those days. :)