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perhaps because of its closeness to italy, ljubljana has quite a number of pizzerias. most of these have a wooden oven in a corner, and the pizzas are done in front of you. i’m not a pizza specialist, but i think they’re quite good!

trta is a cozy little place by the river, in the south side of the city. they have a nice service and biiiig pizzas with good ingredient combinations. we tried the desserts (tiramisu and pears in wine) and they got thumbs up as well! i really like this place, the decoration makes it feel quite homey and it never seems crowded. also, bonus points for having cesária évora playing on the background :)
naturally, there are pictures:
chez trta
white/green pizza
my pizza!
tiramisupears in wine
and what was left of it

eheh, i couldn’t resist it! :)

marienbad café

i always have trouble spelling cappuccino. 2 sequences of 2 p’s and 2 c’s? that’s just asking for trouble. plus, i don’t know of many decent cappuccinos in shanghai (it’s not you, mr. barista, it’s the coffee you use).

now, meet this cappuccino:
my cappuccino

a real work of beauty, isn’t it? look, look:
p.'s latte

*happy sigh*

also, there are milkshakes, some pastas, paninis and other simple things. and a cat. oh, and pizzas. with carrots in it.
salami pizza

salami pizza

all mingled in a strange bohemian/cozy decoration, that you don’t see too often around here. the ceiling is wallpapered with newspapers that have gone yellow, the cat has scratched all the sofas…
marienbad café

marienbad café

and yet, it feels right. i believe i could spend my days here, marveling at the photography books and magazines they have, working quietly, enjoying the soft brazilian music, patting the cat and sipping cappuccinos.

tired of the sterile cafés in shanghai too? the marienbad is on 55 wukang road (but really, it’s on the beginning of anfu road). enjoy!