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the reichstag dome

the reichstag’s dome it’s one of those places that it’s safe to visit with almost anyone: it’s free, there’s plenty of history, a nice view over the city, and a well-made audio-guide that will point out all the interesting facts at the right time, in plenty of languages. since the booking is made online, there’s no waiting around and no queues. visits happen in smallish groups, and you can take as long as you need to wander and look around, enjoy the architecture and the view over the rooftops, and just watch the people…

… if you’re lucky, you might even see the parliament in session below! :)

walking on history, III: the reichstag memorial

there’s a discreet and intriguing memorial near the entrance of reichstag, a row of uneven cast iron plaques, with names and dates. no explanation is given for the curious tourists that wander around it.
reichstag memorialreichstag memorial
the memorial was unveiled in 1992, in remembrance of murdered members of the reichstag. in the borders of the 96 plaques are the names of the politicians from the german parliament that were persecuted by national socialists after they gained power in 1933. it is a simple and inconspicuous memorial, but a noteworthy one.

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