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analogue wednesday #145

one of my favourite crops from R4R-15 (that cody and i double-exposed) was this mismatched frame featuring p. against a window, with fields in the foreground. <3

analogue wednesday #142

last crops from R4R-31, that melissa and i double-exposed between london and melbourne. this was a good one, and the more i look at it, the happier i am with the results. hurray for film swaps!

analogue wednesday #114

the traditional “paulo driving” shot, this time from R4R-20. double-exposed in collaboration with cody, in chicago.

analogue wednesday #112

bits of tavira and london, double-exposed on R4R-9. this has been a golden roll of film, filled with good stuff.

analogue wednesday #111

more bits of london and morocco from our earlier visit, mixed together via roll4roll. click the image to see a bigger version.