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hello, my name is…

bits of mail art featuring cheap envelopes, rubberstamps, nametag stickers and the latest mickey stamps.

rubber stamped postcard scenes

so, on my second time at stempel-medina earlier this year, i wanted to do something with postcards. it’s the perfect format for a small project, and being that i am immersed in them everyday, i thought they might be useful. i had a huge amount of gifted stamps at hand, many of which were art-related, but i wasn’t sure how to use them… until i saw these tourist rubber stamps. i grabbed them, and got to work on these little museum scenes:

i rubber stamped the little guys, watercolored them, and then used my super sharp scissors to painstakingly cut their shapes. then, i assembled them in the little scenes, adding the stamps and some background paper. it took way too long, but i quite like the results. :)