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we have a engineer friend that works for a big company, making oil drilling platforms, the kind that floats in the sea, slowly digging a little hole until they find oil. he’s in shanghai every other month to supervise the construction work, and today he invited us to visit the steel factory where they make the structure for his projects.
corner of a steel plate

it was really neat, like visiting a rusty steel yard and we got to learn about all the processes that are involved in making these really big things, the different kinds of steel, how they weld them together, sand baths and galvanizers, semi-submersible stuff, etc etc.
at one point, we saw a worker just drawing a sort of wrench on a steel plate and cutting it out! :D they don’t invest the money on proper tools, but at the same time, it gives you a small idea of the potential of the materials and tools they handle. cut, weld, repeat. pretty cool!
fixing something

little drawing on the folder!

note the drawing on that folder!

big structure

big structure that they were re-doing

big structure - and it was only 1/3 of its total final size

can you see us?

can you see us there? :)