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analogue wednesday #21



rainy summer days, spent mostly working and puttering around in rain boots.

summer goals

just one: spend as much time as possible outside, soaking up on all the vitamin D while this gorgeous weather lasts! :D
(thank you cecilia for the cute!)


the germans have a saying: “april does what it wants” – so far, it seems determined to stretch winter as long as it can… i’m really glad i didn’t let my winter clothes behind in portugal!

i’ve been keeping in mind these mementoes from last year, frequently returning to them. so looking forward to many warm sunny sundays in mauerpark’s grass, reading and listening to the karaoke, or just watching the people walk by…

2 months in berlin

in a sharp contrast with little known slovenia, everybody seems to know something about berlin. people ask us, persistently: have you been to the brandenburg gate? have you seen the berlin wall? what about the holocaust memorial? have you eaten currywurst? did you climb the tv tower in alexanderplatz?

to which we answer with a relaxed “yeaaaah… we’ll get there”. we don’t feel any of this urgency to visit all the landmarks, and do lonely-planet marathons… we’ll be here for a while, so we’re taking our time, enjoying the gorgeous summer weather, riding our bikes up and down the cobbled streets of neukölln. just soaking it all in, sipping coffees in the sun.

so far, so good, i’d say. :)

films under the stars

until the end of the month, kinodvor is playing a different movie each night on ljubljana’s castle. we gave it a try on monday with the cove and were pleasantly surprised. the sound + screening quality + popcorn are good, the backdrop of the castle in the night air is quite nice and even the plastic chairs are not that bad. so we went back yesterday and watched the road and i think we’ll go again next week. perhaps we’ll try to choose less depressing movies…