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the best description of stinky tofu, ever!

stinky tofu

“It’s late afternoon and you’re exiting the metro into a flock of hawkers; the lady with a bazillion different notebooks, the cart with cages of baby rabbits and birds, and if it’s winter, the yam guy. Then, before you even see the culprit, you encounter a stench that makes you wonder how a beached whale carcass managed to roll this far inland. You spot the source, an idle square of stinky tofu in a wok across the street. And even as someone who professes “don’t knock until you try” and “don’t be an ugly tourist,” when I first smelled stinky tofu two years ago, I just about blurted out, “who the f*** would eat this stuff?”

shanghaiist nails it! :)

we tried it back in 2009, at my chinese teacher’s insistence… you can read what we though of it here.

there will be cookies


using supertatas super simple recipe for butter cookies:

– 150gr all purpose flour
– 100gr butter
– 50gr sugar
– a little bit of lemon
– use a cute cookie cutter for bonus points
– 10 minutes in the oven

et voilá! instant treat for your warm milk :)