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butterfly pea tea

this is a very funky tea that we first learnt about on a cooking class in chiang mai. the class itself was conducted on a farm, and included a tour of the gardens. our very nice teacher showed us a bush of butterfly pea with its blueish/purple flowers in bloom, and instructed us to collect 3 each:

back in the kitchen, we put the flowers in a cup and drowned them in hot water…

…and after a moment, voilá! blue tea! :D

everyone was mesmerized by the color slowly leeching from the flower.

just this would be enough to delight me, but then we discovered that lowering the pH of the drink makes it change color to purple… so add some lime juice and voilá! :D

i’m hoping to bring back some seeds, to see if we can grow the bush at home and impress our guests with this concoction. wouldn’t that be fun!

afternoon tea

one of the things i’ve had on my list for a long time was to go try a british afternoon tea. the finger sandwiches (so reminiscing of the famous five), the scones and other sweets, always looking delicate and neat on the three-tiered stand, sounded almost magical. the choice of places and themed-teas in london can be overwhelming though, and being newbies, we didn’t have that many references to go by… so we picked for convenience of location, rather than tripadvisoriness. and it was great!

i was so excited about it that i forgot to take proper pictures, but everything was as delicious and delicate as i imagined. the place was great as well, imbued with history… but i’ll tell you about that on another post! :)

an avalanche of tea!

so i asked for tea some months ago… and tea came, from the 4 corners of the world, like an explosion of unexpected flavors in my mailbox! lychee and rose! quince and linden! bubblegum! english rose! gorreana! yerba mate! lúcia lima!

my beloved bodum cup has been working double shifts as i make my way through the loot (and i’m sure i’ll be stocked for quite a while) but it’s been a daily delight, and i’m really happy that i included the tea swap on my 101 list. thank you girls! :)

čajna hiša

čajna hiša is a tea house, like the name says… but there’s a lot more to it than just tea.

sure, the tea selection is endless and quite tempting. but there’s also muffins, for instance, lovely chocolate/banana muffins that look and taste like they’ve just been taken from the oven. or banana/walnuts/bran flakes/raisin yogurt cups drizzled with honey. or delicate apricot strudel. or huge cups of coffee with milk that we savour till the last drop.

you can probably tell how much we love the place. :) it’s got top marks across the board: it’s cozy, the food is delicious and served in cute looking cups/plates and the waiters are always nice – something that is getting hard to find in ljubljana these days. must be the summer season: dealing with tons of tourists is probably taking its toll on the service around here.

anyway, we highly recommend it. it’s in stari trg, 3 – right in the middle of the old town. enjoy! :)

hang your tea

another quirky/cool/cute korean invention: maum teabags, by designers wdaru. the concept is simple: teabags with themes, that hang on the border of your cup. since the designs feature people, the result looks as if there is some one chilling out in your swimming pool cup!

there is a swimming pool collection:


and a school bus collection:


and even a xmas collection, for december:

brilliant! i think these are just a concept, but wouldn’t it be cool to get some? i’m hoping more buzz about it will make someone realize they’re commercially viable and start making them! :)

all pictures (and even more!) on their website!