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analogue wednesday #26



more autumn loveliness, from years past.

cotton trees

it’s mostly melting now, and the ground is muddy and gross… so let’s look up, shall we? :)

a snowy day in ljubljana

third video in a row, i know… but i can’t help it! :D ljubljana is just picture-perfect these days and in a way, this one doubles as a message to all our friends: what are you waiting for to visit us?! we have plenty of snow and hot chocolate, just come!

a snowy day in ljubljana from ana campos on Vimeo.

no trees were harmed in the making of this movie!

the tree photographer

i’m becoming a tree top collector, but i can’t help it. everywhere i go, there are trees waiting to be discovered :)

more proof:

gold and blue another golden tree

with spikes tree tops

/summer light

all your lungs

i think it’s only going to get worse when spring comes. can’t wait! :)

diptychs from the motherland: lapis lazuli

another golden tree

gold and blue

i could spend days and days in my little country by the sea, doing nothing but taking pictures of golden trees against blue skies. :)