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fried aubergine

ok, so one thing we noticed on our incursions into andalusia (and córdoba specifically) is the deliciousness that is fried aubergine (or eggplant)! what a way to turn an otherwise boring vegetable into something amazing. we loved it so much, we practically spent our short time in córdoba trying it in different restaurants. proof:

it’s usually served with honey for dipping, or with bits of salt. it’s crunchy and smooth at the same time… like mozarella sticks but less cheesy and more… auberginey.

this last one was my favourite though. turns out, deep fried aubergine with honey and goat cheese is the bomb. if you pass by córdoba, give it a go!

ökokiste – our organic vegetable box

i’ve always liked the concept of the “vegetable box“: once a week, a box stuffed with seasonal vegetables from a local farm is delivered to your doorstep. the veggies that get included are chosen by the farm and the selection is different every week.

so when i learned that they had it here in berlin as well, it was love at first sight. the website is all in german, but with some help i was able to navigate it, and order our first box. it arrived this wednesday, bright and early:

it included tomatoes, cauliflower, lettuce, peppers, dill and cucumber, all fresh and luscious. we’ve already done some asian cauliflower fried rice, used the peppers and tomatoes on ratatouille and sprinkled the dill on grilled salmon. come to think of it, i don’t think i ever bought fresh dill on a supermarket before, so in a way it’s nice to don’t have so much control over the grocery shopping. the surprise vegetables are a good motivator to learn new recipes! :)

i wonder what next week will bring?