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one second everyday — december 2018

for the first half of december there was lots of english practice with dani over facetime ahead of her exam, christmas card writing and packing before heading north.

after that, it was they typical whirlwind of christmas, with lots of family and friend’s visits, two races for paulo, a tile painting workshop in porto, and a lot of packing for our flights today. oh, and socks! i finished knitting my first socks ever, and i’m mighty proud of the wonky result. hurray!

one second every day – july 2014

july was half-portugal, half-berlin:

my cousin finished her exams and we returned to berlin shortly after – but not before stuffing ourselves with hugs and good food! once back, we mostly caught up on work, friends… and cats! :)

one second every day – june 2013

june was pretty neat! some highlights:

– lots of early morning study sessions
– tons of letters written
– my birthday :D
– baking for my classmates
– new (very geeky) threadless tshirts
– open air cinema sessions (with blankets)
– iron & wine concert

june was also the month i wrote on the blog everyday! :D i’m pretty impressed that i managed to keep up with it – even if it required some serious juggling skills. that’s another thing off the list, which i’m pretty obsessed with lately… one month to go!

one second every day – may 2013

may was a great month – even if the video isn’t one of the best so far. some highlights:
– lots of trips, big and small: london, weimar & erfurt
street food thursdays, which have become almost a tradition on thursdays
big stuff smoked bbq‘s delicious plates
– 2 postcrossing meetups in a single month
– the finnish postcrossing stamp
– the first couchsurfers of the season
– and more dr. who than we’ll care to admit… :)

one second every day – april 2013

good things this month:
– eddie izzard
– the boy ran 2 half-marathons (on the last one, he placed 24th!)
– first ice-cream of the season
– flying the rc plane
– bright sunny days
– lots and lots of nice meals with friends :)

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