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whole60: done!

one of the items on the latest 101 things in 1001 days list was to do a whole60, ie, to go 60 days without dairy, sugar, grains, legumes or alcohol. it’s a stricter version of how we normally eat.

why do it? to test an hypothesis. i knew i could do it, since i had done it before, in smaller, 30 days periods… but i wanted to see if there were any effects of running a longer experiment.


well, the two months have passed rather quickly! my back pain abated and i think my hair is falling slightly less… but with hair this long, it’s hard to say. the experiment felt a bit inclusive, but i felt great — so who cares! :)

even though it is a challenge, it’s not a hard one. the people behind the program tell it to you straight: “quitting heroin is hard. beating cancer is hard. drinking your coffee black… is not hard.” which i think helps put things in the right perspective. i find the program rather freeing, and tend to forget that there are rules in place: after a while, the choices i had made had become automatic, thus not requiring me to think about them. and the less choices, the better!

i’ve also discovered portugal is a pretty easy country to do paleo in, as there’s always a grill restaurant somewhere nearby… add some salad or steamed veggies on the side, and voilà, dinner is served in a pinch.

i’m happy it’s done, but now i’m eager to start exploring the local gastronomy! :)

whole30: done!


i’ve just finished my first whole30, which means, i went a whole 30 days without:
– grains of any kind
– milk products
– legumes
– sugar, or sugar substitutes
– white potatoes

truth be told, it isn’t that different from how we usually eat when we’re home in berlin – just stricter. normally, i’d have a bit of cheese here and there, an occasional piece of black chocolate or cook with butter – and wouldn’t think too much about what i ate outside of the house. that doesn’t mean i usually go out of my way to eat pasta and bread when we go out – but for the most part i don’t care if the sauce has flour in it, or what kind of oil was used to cook my food.

alas, the whole30 puts all that into question, and makes you think about everything that goes into your plate.

(whenever i tell people we eat paleo, i get saucer-eyes and a concerned “no pasta? no bread? but what can you eat then?!” well… real, unprocessed food, like eggs, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts!)

anyway, it’s done! how do i feel? freaking fantastic! :) i’ve lost about 5kg – mostly weight i put on during christmas’ glutenfest. also, nothing aches (not even my dodgy back), nothing’s swollen and my energy levels are good!

was it hard? it wasn’t hard per se, or not in the way most people imagine. i didn’t really get cravings… not even while the boy indulged on baskets of bread & cheese next to me. but i missed going out and being with friends without over-thinking it. this level of attention to what you’re eating seriously limits your dining choices – and i’m not sure it’s worth it.

so, i’m happy i’ve done it, but i’m also glad to be back to a reasonable middle ground that works for me. bring on the cheese! :D