the downside of moving to other countries is the things we have to leave behind. (if i were in charge, there would be a special travelling discount for people moving to new places, as well as ilimited luggage allowance. *humpf* )

but since i’m not in charge (yet!), some of my favourite things are still in portugal – like my negatives, books, crayons, stamps*… and knitting needles. in a lucky quirk of fate though, i found a great place here to buy them: arlyna’s closet. arlyna, together with her husband, own a very nice design company here in shanghai and in her spare time, she does all sorts of crafty things, which she sells in her shop. my favourite are the bamboo knitting needles, but there are also stitch markers, pouches, bags, etc.
give it a look!

also, check out these knit night cupcakes, from vegan yum yum. aren’t they just soooo irresistably cute? :D

* i took care of the stamps part today, in a local stationery shop. less than an euro for the full alphabet, numbers and a stamp pad. :)

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