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weeknotes 28/21

week 28’s notes are being written a bit late, but i didn’t want to let the week pass without marking the fact that we finally did it — we bought a house! :)

we drove all the way to lisbon not quite sure whether everything would work out in the end, but it was fairly straightforward: the legal person read the text out loud, we signed underneath, and passed over the check. we then paid some fees on the way out and done! it felt surreal how quick the whole thing went in the end (despite us having to wait around quite a bit of time). i guess we’re now the owners of a little piece of cement in tavira, and no one can kick us out!

i still have mixed feelings about it. on one hand, i’m reasonably sure this is a good investment, and i’m relieved we won’t be kicked out in the near future as the market is crazy at the moment. on the other hand, so much of our savings are stuck in this house now (and we still owe money to family)… my mind is filled with “what ifs?”: what if the market goes down? what if we need the money suddenly? what if we have to move north?… none of these are unsolvable, but being solvent definitely gives us more freedom to move — which is something we’ve treasured all our lives.

for now, i guess we’ll enjoy this newfound feeling of stability, of knowing where we’ll be for a little while. we’ll finally install some heating in the place and fix the infiltrations, and i might even revamp the garden at some point. looking forward to this new chapter!

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analogue wednesday #266

looking up.

just life

weeknotes 27/21

it’s been an eventful week around here!

– deers! 😍 we went walking in the local park today, and the guard let us feed the deers, which seem to have significantly multiplied since the last time we were there, a couple of years ago. they were super curious and came over afterwards to check on our picnic too.

– i finished reading a beautifully foolish endeavour, which was a great sequel to an absolutely remarkable thing. it reminded me that i like fiction, and should probably read more of it.

– the bamboo is still shooting upwards, now growing at a rate of 10cms/day… whoa.

– we helped both an 80 year old and a bee-eater this week! the 80 year old was slumped on the side of the road, having fainted from the heat after a bike ride in the midday sun. after the ambulance people declared him well-enough to go home, i gave him a ride and the boy rode his bike back. the bee-eater (one of the most beautiful birds you can find here) was found by the boy on the side of the road on one of his runs. he ran past him, and when he came back he was still there… so he came home, showered, and we drove by again — still there. :( the little thing was having trouble flying, so we picked him up before he was run over by cars, and drove him to RIAS. hopefully he’ll be in good hands and back flying soon!

one second everyday

one second everyday — june 2021

here it is, whatever was salvageable from last month’s phone. just bits of normal life, vaccines, and days with the parents. :)

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analogue wednesday #265

like baubles on a christmas tree!